2014 North Carolina Association of Free Clinics Improvements

Despite dramatic changes in the health care marketplace, the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics (NCAFC) most recent outcomes report shows that both the demand for their services and the quality of their outcomes are increasing. We continue to support free clinics across the state to ensure that people have access to quality care. NCAFC’s nationally recognized outcomes-based funding model demonstrates that our state’s free clinics provide care on par with paid providers, with 65% of hypertensive patients achieving BP control (<140/90) and 76% of surveyed patients reported a decrease in their hospital admissions since becoming a free clinic patient. Our Nonprofit Leadership support is providing several clinics in western North Carolina organizational capacity to evaluate their funding models (to possibly to accept funds) and to engage their boards more effectively. We are also providing communication support for several clinics to position them in their community as a key element in the local health care system.

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