Health of Vulnerable Populations:

Improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations served by safety-net organizations in North Carolina.

As our state prospers in many ways, some segments are invariably left behind. Some have chronic illness. Some are migrant workers. Others live in rural communities with limited access to health care. Most are hardworking and aren’t looking for a handout. But they could use a hand. Through our Health of Vulnerable Populations focus area, we are committed to improving the health of North Carolinians who need it most.

Investment Priorities

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Breast Health Project

Learn about our Button Chair exhibit and our efforts to raise awareness of good breast health and early detection.


Find additional information on issues impacting vulnerable populations.

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Senior Program Officer

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One Clinic's Story

One Clinic's Story

Safety Net Solutions has helped Wake Health Services expand access to quality dental care for underserved populations. Watch the video to learn how practice management consulting has benefited this safety-net clinic.

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