Health Care

North Carolinians get the quality health care they need, when they need it

Chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to tooth decay are crippling in both their personal impact and financial costs. Safety net health care organizations, those with a mission to care for individuals regardless of their ability to pay, play a critical role in helping low-income and uninsured children and adults access health care services. The Health Care priority area supports safety net organizations and their partners in achieving measurable results to increase quality, supply of and access to health care, and in enhancing systems of care and scaling innovation.

Access to care

Free clinics, community health centers and other safety net providers help low-income and uninsured North Carolinians manage their chronic conditions, improving quality of life and reducing use of emergency rooms.

Oral health

Good oral health begins even before a child gets his or her first tooth. Access to preventive care and access to timely, affordable treatment reduce both the pain and cost associated with delayed care.

Community-Centered Health Homes

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases calls for a new way of delivering care, one in which health care organizations can contribute to improvements in the environment and social conditions that support good health for the whole community.

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Nonprofit Leadership

Safety net health care organizations rely on strong leadership and evolving strategy to maintain the financial margins that support their mission. Integrating capacity building support into our grantmaking promotes innovation, sustainability and ultimately increases access to care.

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