Healthy Living

North Carolinians have access to places to be active and access to healthy, local food

North Carolinians suffer from excessively high rates of obesity and diet-related diseases. Currently, one in three children in North Carolina is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight; and among adults, that rate increases to two out of every three. To address this critical issue, we aim to create a North Carolina where all people have access to safe, inviting places to play and be active, as well as access to healthy, local food.

Healthy food systems

Our current food environment is often one of calorie dense, nutrient-poor processed foods that are ready available at relatively low cost, whereas healthy, local food may be difficult to find-especially on our most vulnerable communities. This access issue directly impacts rates of obesity and diet-related disease. Our goal is to create easy access to healthy, local food for all North Carolinians.

Early childhood

Early childhood is the most important developmental period in a person’s lifetime. It is critical to create environments for healthy eating and active play for our youngest children, with the goal of increasing North Carolina children starting kindergarten at a healthy weight.

Places to be active

Physical activity and active play are essential to being healthy, yet these behaviors depend on environmental supports such as having sidewalks, safe places to bike and accessible playgrounds. We partner organizations to ensure that everyone can access places to be active and play.

Community-Centered Health Homes

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases calls for a new way of delivering care, one in which community partnerships can contribute to improvements in health care organizations and social conditions that support good health for the whole community.

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Nonprofit Leadership

Community organizations rely on strong leadership and evolving strategy to maintain the financial margins that support their mission. Integrating capacity building support into our grant making promotes innovation, sustainability and ultimately creates healthier communities.

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