Nonprofit Leadership

We are more than a funder. We are a partner.

Nonprofits play a vital role in the health and economy of North Carolina. We recognize that our overall mission of improving the health and well-being of North Carolinians is tied to the organizational health of the nonprofits that are serving them. We work with our grantees as partners through relationships that go beyond the dollars alone and instead focus on connecting, opening doors, collaborating and learning together.

When these organizations and leaders succeed, then our common goals can be reached. Because of the importance of a strong organizational infrastructure, we provide capacity-building support through skill-building and workshops to nonprofits across the state at a broad level. We also provide funding to grantees through the Health Care and Healthy Living priority areas in order to go deeper with organizations to move the needle on the issues we care about.

Trainings and Leadership Programs

Much of our support for nonprofits occurs through trainings, workshops and recognition – all of which are often delivered through key partners. We are working with collaboratives and intermediaries to better support nonprofits to expand their impact, deepen their engagement and strengthen sustainability.

Nonprofit Leadership Academy

An intensive leadership learning lab to help nonprofits develop the leadership, culture, and strategy to be more adaptive organizations capable of delivering enhanced impact in today’s changing context.