Better Together Montgomery

Troy, North Carolina

Much of our work is geared towards helping communities who have historically existed within the margins of society to gain equal and equitable access to the resources and opportunities necessary for attaining whole health. We have dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to ensuring that our collaborative is able to see and hear clearly the barriers that exist to hinder these communities from doing so. We are committed to partnering with the community and the relevant systems to ensure that those barriers are removed and replaced with policy, structure, and support that will enable these communities to thrive.

Demond Hairston, Community-Centered Health Coordinator, Montgomery County Partnership for Children


Troy, NC


Brutonville Concerned Citizens, FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Montgomery County Health Department, Montgomery County Partnership for Children, Peabody Community Group, Sandhills Cooperative Association, Town of Troy

Issue Area(s)

Healthy Food Access, Economic Stability, Access to Care, Physical Activity


Montgomery County is located in the south-central region of the state with a population of less than 30,000. As a result of compounding economic and social factors, county residents face barriers to healthy food purchases such as limited income and “fast food” culture, leading to high rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood presure, arthritis, diabetes, and food insecurity.

Using the Community-Centered Health approach, Better Together Montgomery is working to reduce the prevelance of obesity, heart disease, high blood presure, arthritis, and diabetes while increasing food equity and economic stability in rural, African‐American communities around Troy and Candor.

Better Together Montgomery is a member of the second cohort of Community-Centered Health grantees and recently completed their 15-month planning phase.

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