Caswell Chapter of the Health Collaborative

Yanceyville, North Carolina

The Caswell Chapter of The Health Collaborative is working to increase community capacity by breaking down silos, building trusting relationships, and including community members as decision makers. With our community partners, we are working to address, at a local systems level, inequitable access to opportunities – always asking the question, what can we create together that will improve the health and well-being of our community?

Shannon Moretz, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Caswell Family Medical Center


Yanceyville, NC


Caswell Economic Development, Caswell Family Medical Center, Caswell Health Department, Caswell Senior Services, and nearly 40 other inviduals and organizations serving Caswell County.

Issue Area(s)

Economic Stability, Broadband Access, Community Wealth Building


Caswell County – located on the North Carolina/Virginia border – is home to 23,000 residents, many of whom were born and raised in the community. Due to uneven distributions of resources and historic economic drivers that are no longer viable, economic instability, food insecurity, chronic disease, and poverty rates are prevalent within the county.

Using the Community-Centered Health approach, the Caswell Chapter of The Health Collaborative is addressing inequitable access to resources through community wealth building. In addition to community wealth building approaches, the partnership is working to create or recreate physical and social infrastructures to foster greater social cohesion, increase access to broadband, enhance local economic development opportunities, and strengthen local food systems to integrate sustainable food production, processing, and distribution.

The Caswell Chapter of The Health Collaborative is a member of the second cohort of Community-Centered Health grantees and recently completed their 15-month planning phase.

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