Hunger and Health Coalition

Boone, North Carolina

Our Community-Centered Health program is designed to deepen partnership with our community members that are experiencing the burdens of the many inequities in our area. It is through their experience and understanding that we can identify the barriers individuals are facing in accessing health care, food, and safe housing; and through their innovation and engagement that we are able to develop solutions together. We are working toward systems-level and policy change, partnering with Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, Appalachian State University, and Watauga County Schools in order to move health equity forward in our community.

Maegan Furman, Community Outreach Coordinator, Hunger and Health Coalition


Boone, NC


Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, Appalachian State University, Hunger and Health Coalition, Watauga County Schools

Issue Area(s)

Healthy Food Access, Economic Stability, Housing


Hunger and Health Coalition is situated in Watauga County, home to Boone, North Carolina. With a county population of less than 60,000 people, more than half of its residents live in rural areas creating unique accessibility challenges. In addition, Wautaga County has the third highest proverty rate in the state with residents facing lack of affordable housing and food insecurity, among other challenges.

Using the Community-Centered Health approach, Hunger and Health Coalition is expanding and strengthening efforts to reduce obesity and diet‐related chronic diseases in low‐wealth populations with a focus on food insecurity. Their focus includes expanding screening for food security beyond the hospital to physician offices, connecting patients with healthy food and nutrition education, and building community leadership across the county to support healthy eating.

Hunger and Health Coalition is a member of the second cohort of Community-Centered Health grantees and recently completed their 15-month planning phase.

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