Previous Opportunities

  • Expanding No-Cost Healthy School Meals For All in North Carolina (September 2022)
    The goal of this funding opportunity is to identify and support state-level policy and systems change solutions to address barriers and leverage opportunities to move toward increasing access to no-cost healthy school meals for all youth, specifically approaches that move beyond programming and direct service to fundamentally change the systems that create the world in which we live and, in this case, learn. Learn more.
  • Learning Opportunity: Community Oral Health Transformation (COrHT) Initiative in North Carolina (July 2022)
    This learning opportunity aims to develop and support a network of clinical and administrative leaders to implement evidence-based improvements to their care delivery and administrative models focused on teledentistry, minimally invasive care, and integrated and personalized care. Learn more.
  • Supporting American Indian Capacity to Improve Health (July 2022)
    The purpose of this funding opportunity seeks to strengthen American Indian infrastructure and capacity and promote long-term tribal health and wellness. Learn more. 
  • Building Integrated Communities (June 2022)
    The purpose of this funding opportunity is to accelerate the action plans that will support the expansion of more inclusive practices by local governments to engage immigrants, Latinos and historically underrepresented communities to inform decision making and develop health equity priorities and strategies. Learn more. 
  • Building  Capacity for Food is Medicine - Healthy Food Prescriptions Programs (June 2022)
    The purpose of this funding opportunity is to strengthen a diversity of partnerships between community-based nonprofit organizations and health care entities delivering Healthy Food Prescription programs. Learn more. 
  • Enhancing Data Capacity in Community as a Tool for Social Change to Advance Racial Equity (May 2022)
    Blue Cross NC Foundation is launching a new initiative centered on identifying use cases for the development of, and access to, useful and applicable data tools and cultivating community capacity to utilize the data in ways that better position communities to advance policy and systems change. Learn more. 
  • Supporting Promising Models to Address Suspensions, Expulsions, and Exclusions in Early Care and Education (April 2022)
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation, in collaboration with North Carolina A&T State University, is looking to support promising, innovative, and strengths-based models aimed at addressing the inequities in early care and education suspension, expulsion, and exclusionary practices in North Carolina, particularly among young Black children. Learn more.
  • Promoting Community Priorities for Recovery Funds (April 2022)
    The goal of this funding opportunity is to support regional and state-level intermediaries to work with community stakeholders to support community-identified ARPA priorities at the county and municipal level to promote health equity and system-level change. Learn more.
  • Connecting Latino Communities to Advance Advocacy for Health Equity (January 2022)
    As part of deepening our commitment to Hispanic and Latino communities across the state, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation released a Request for Proposal (RFP) that will support local organizations working to improve Latino health. Learn more.