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In 2021, the Blue Cross NC Foundation funded a scan of Food is Medicine activities in North Carolina looking specifically at interventions where health care providers are partnering with community-based nonprofit organizations to connect patients with healthy food. These Healthy Food Prescription programs are a component of the Food is Medicine movement and involve a health care provider, who assesses and identifies patients with diet-related disease and/or food insecurity and prescribes a food-based intervention that goes beyond nutrition education. The scan included surveys and interviews with 18 leaders from community organizations and 16 from health care organizations which were identified through a snowball sampling approach where each respondent identified other potential participants.

The scan provides a baseline assessment of Food is Medicine activities in the state with a specific focus on the barriers and opportunities to build equitable and sustainable partnerships between health care and community-based nonprofits. These findings have informed this funding opportunity which seeks to build the capacity, evidence, and awareness necessary to help position community-based nonprofits as a vendor of choice for health care payers and providers that want to address the food-related needs of their patients.

Available Funding

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to strengthen a diversity of partnerships between community-based nonprofit organizations and health care entities delivering Healthy Food Prescription programs. Grant funding is intended to increase the effectiveness and/or scale of these programs and support their engagement in a learning community to move toward a more equitable and sustainable program model. This funding opportunity was developed for the community-based nonprofits that participated in the above-mentioned scan and are profiled in the report describing Food is Medicine – Healthy Food Prescription activities in North Carolina (to be published in Spring 2022). 

Grants of $200,000 over two years are available to support up to 10 community-based nonprofits to improve and/or grow their existing Healthy Food Prescription program(s).


This funding opportunity is open to community-based nonprofit organizations and fiscally sponsored programs with active Healthy Food Prescription programs that were identified through the aforementioned North Carolina Food is Medicine – Healthy Food Prescriptions scan. Additional eligibility considerations:

  • Healthy Food Prescription Program is currently in operation; one year of operating experience preferred.
  • Active partnership with health care provider(s) (insurer, health system, hospital, outpatient, free clinic, community health center, health department, or other).
  • May be included in the Healthy Opportunities Pilots, but not required.
  • Priority for local food sourcing, but not required.
  • No preference for specific program design (e.g., food box, voucher, or other).
  • No minimum organizational budget

 Types of Eligible Organizations:

  • A community-based nonprofit organization that is exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • A fiscally sponsored program – A group or project with a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization acting as a fiscal
    • The fiscal sponsor is responsible for all legal aspects of the organization or project.
    • The fiscal sponsor is considered the grantee by the Foundation and agrees to be accountable to the Foundation for the programmatic and financial outcomes of the grant.



Deadline or Activity Date(s)
Funding opportunity opens April 5, 2022
Q&A webinar for prospective applicants April 20, 2022, at 1 p.m.
Foundation staff available for consultation - sign up here April 21 – May 12, 2022
Proposal submissions due May 13, 2022
Grantees selected and notified June 10, 2022



On April 20, Blue Cross NC Foundation hosted a webinar for invited applicants to discuss this funding opportunity and answer questions.

View the webinar recording.  Access Code: c3#PeyS*


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