Request for Services

Health Care Equity Index Consultant


The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation (Blue Cross NC Foundation) is working to support the development of a statewide health care equity index which will bring together data from various sources (both public and private) providing a new, more complete, and uniformed perspective, as it relates to key indicators of health equity.

Blue Cross NC Foundation is seeking the services of a consultant to support the launch of this program. The consultant will work with the Foundation and a coalition of diverse partners to support the building out the initiative and the overall index measures.

This includes working with the Foundation coalition partners to establish the vision, governance, and commitment to advance core aspects of the coalition’s work connected to the broader initiative aims of establishing a standardized set of indicators to measure equity in health care.


RFS Release Date:                            August 25, 2022

Full Applications Due:                    September 30, 2022


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