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Healthy Food Prescription Community of Practice Lead


In 2021, the Blue Cross NC Foundation funded a scan of Food is Medicine activities in North Carolina looking specifically at interventions where health care providers are partnering with community-based nonprofit organizations to connect patients with healthy food. These Healthy Food Prescription programs are a component of the Food is Medicine movement and involve a health care provider, who assesses and identifies patients with diet-related disease and/or food insecurity and prescribes a food-based intervention that goes beyond nutrition education.

The Blue Cross NC Foundation is seeking a community of practice lead to provide facilitation, convening, technical assistance, and strategic communications support for a cohort of grantees that are part of our Building Capacity for Food is Medicine – Healthy Food Prescription Programs funding opportunity (closed).  Each program is receiving grant funding to strengthen their program model while partnering with health care and moving toward more equitable and sustainable operations.

The investment in a community of practice complements our direct investment in this cohort of 10 Healthy Food Prescription Program grantees by bringing them together as a learning community, connecting them with technical resources and assistance to support their efforts individually and collectively, and spreading awareness of the impact of their work while also broadly elevating the importance of Food is Medicine and Healthy Food Prescriptions.

Additionally, the community of practice lead will also be expected to engage directly with the project’s evaluation team to provide input that will support the overall design and methods for the evaluation and support data collection along the way.

The community of practice lead will support the grantee cohort throughout their two-years of funding.

RFS Release Date:
June 15, 2022

Full Applications Due:
July 27, 2022


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