Oral Health Infrastructure and New Approaches



Safety net dental clinics, such as community health centers and local health departments, strive to provide services to as many people in their community as they can, although demand for their services frequently exceeds their capacity and results in exceedingly long appointment wait times.

A lack of appropriate or reliable equipment can severely limit clinic productivity and decrease the number of patients that staff are able to serve. The right tools, however, can support clinics in implementing new strategies that create in-office efficiencies, increase access for certain population groups or procedures, and generally increase capacity and paths to care for patients who otherwise would not receive it.

Available Funding

As part of an overall commitment to support projects that will increase clinic efficiencies, effectiveness, and contribute to more equitable access to, and usage of, oral health services, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation is issuing a funding opportunity for 18-month grants up to $150,000. Funded projects will accomplish this by replacing critical equipment and/or integrating new approaches to oral health care delivery.


Organization Characteristics 

When determining fit for this opportunity, potential applicants should consider the requirements and ‘highly preferred’ factors listed below. These factors will be prioritized in the review team’s decision-making.

  • Minimum Requirements
    • Health department, community health center, 501(c)(3) clinic.
    • Bills Medicaid.
    • Provides a dental home.
    • Request reflects a plan to increase or preserve clinic efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Highly Preferred Factors
    • Clear analysis of equity.
    • Plan to increase or preserve access to care for a specific population.
    • Serving rural North Carolina counties.
    • Basic description of how the new strategy could be sustained beyond this funding opportunity.
  • Our objective is to fund a mix of proposals for critical infrastructure support and new approaches that increase clinic efficiency and effectiveness.

Please note: a specific opportunity for free and charitable clinics is being planned in coordination with the North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. 


Deadline or Activity Date(s)
Funding opportunity opens November 8, 2022
Q&A webinar for prospective applicants November 18, 2022
Foundation staff available for consultation November 21 – December 2, 2022
Answers to FAQ posted on this web page November 29, 2022
Applications due December 16, 2022
Grantees selected and notified Late January 2023


Informational Webinar

To provide prospective applicants with more information, we hosted a webinar on Friday, November 18.

During the webinar, staff from the Blue Cross NC Foundation provided background information about the approach to this funding opportunity, outlined the work the Foundation is interested in supporting, and detailed information on the application and review process.


Learn More and Apply

Download the full funding opportunity.



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