How and Where We Work

Meeting today’s challenges calls for thoughtful planning and a systems-focused approach that acknowledges inequities and prioritizes the needs of local communities.



Our work starts from the premise that substantial changes to the structural, social, and economic conditions that produce inequities are essential. For us this requires several things, key among them:

  • Focusing upstream to address the root causes of poor health and inequities
  • Engaging with community members to develop, advocate for, and implement strategies to identify and address those root causes
  • Investing in policy and systems-level changes
  • Maintaining a commitment to increasing equitable opportunities for good health


Areas of Focus

While there are a number of avenues to becoming a state where everyone has an opportunity to be healthy, our focus in this pursuit is centered on the following:

  • Access to Care: Every community in North Carolina’s primary and behavioral health needs are served by a talented, engaged, diverse, and robust workforce.
  • Early Childhood: Every young child from birth to age five in North Carolina has the opportunity and resources to be healthy and well-prepared for success in school, work, and life.
  • Healthy Communities: Every community in North Carolina has the conditions for good health.
  • Healthy Food: Everyone in North Carolina has access to healthy food.
  • Oral Health: Everyone in North Carolina has access to quality, affordable oral health services.