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Participant Capacity Building Needs: Healthy Opportunities Pilots

Nonprofit Finance Fund
Published April 2020

While the overall net benefit of the Healthy Opportunities Pilots and integration of community-based organizations will be positive, it will not be without side effects, primarily the strain on these organizations to adapt to the changes that coincide with this shift. Understanding these ramifications, we commissioned the Nonprofit Finance Fund to work with prospective Lead Pilot Entities to explore how they engaged human service and other community-based organizations to understand the greatest capacity building needs.


Investment Vehicles for Affordable Housing in North Carolina

By: Maryanne Speroni, Linden View
Published April 2020

The affordable housing asset class provides an opportunity for anchor institutions – hospitals, corporations, universities, and more – to invest in affordable housing, whether for social impact, financial return, or both. This paper provides a comprehensive report of the existing and emerging vehicles for investment in affordable housing in North Carolina.


Affordable and Healthy Homes in North Carolina

By: Stephen Sills, PhD, UNC Greensboro Center for Housing and Community Studies
Published March 2020

Financing practices, housing shortages, and population growth have led to a housing landscape that leaves many families housing burdened and/or in unsafe living conditions. This paper provides an overview of the current state of housing in North Carolina, barriers to healthy and affordable housing, and recommendations on the policy and practice changes that would improve health through housing.


OP-ED Field Guide

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation
Published June 2018

We are living in the age of shortened attention spans, and with them an abundance of short-form communications. Whether it be Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, a lot has changed in how we have come to get our messages to the outside world. But believe it or not, there are still decision-makers, opinion-leaders, and influencers who instead of turning to their smartphones for all their information, still turn the pages of local (and national) newspapers. However, sometimes writing an Op-Ed can be intimidating - the formats, the rules, and the best practices. And then there is the process of submitting and what to do if you don't get published. With all of this in mind, we developed this Op-Ed Field Guide in the hopes it can be useful addition to any nonprofit’s toolbox.