Trey Mckinney

As the Finance Manager, Trey is responsible for overseeing the organization's financial management, reporting, and forecasting. The Finance Manager plays a critical role in partnering with the senior leadership team in strategic decision-making and operations.

Trey joined the Blue Cross NC Foundation team in 2023. He brings diverse experience working in the philanthropic sector for the past four years and has more than seven years of experience working in accounting where he has held various accounting and finance roles.

What I love about my work:
I love working in finance because it allows me to use my strong analytical skills to help the Foundation make informed financial decisions. It's incredibly satisfying to see all the numbers come together and provide a clear picture of an organization's financial health. Plus, the work is always changing and challenging, which keeps me engaged and constantly learning. I also appreciate the sense of responsibility that comes with managing an organization's finances and ensuring accuracy and compliance. Overall, the field of accounting is both rewarding and intellectually stimulating, which is why I enjoy working in it so much.

When I’m not at my desk:
I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite thing about North Carolina:
As a North Carolina native, I enjoy the great weather we have as summers aren’t too hot and winters aren’t harsh.