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Available Grants


  • Access to Dental Care
    Access to dental care is a critical challenge for many adults and families. Community health centers, local health departments, and free and charitable clinics that make up the safety net have a mission commitment to provide care regardless of insurance status or ability to pay and are a common point of care for these populations. As part of an overall commitment to support new or expanded access at safety net dental clinics, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation is issuing a funding opportunity. Learn more.



Request for Services


  • Event Management Request for Services
    Our organization hosts gatherings throughout the year for grantee and community partners to support cohort learning and cohesion, and we are in search of a partner to help us deliver an exceptional and inclusive experience for each occasion. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation is seeking the services of an event manager or events management firm to help us plan, source vendors for, and implement hybrid convenings and external meetings with various grantees and partners. Learn more. 


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